Narrator's Voice: Nkuli Hepburn Zikalala
Susannah's Voice and Vocals: Annie Goliath
Composer: Black Astronaut 

Memory 1: Susannah’s Ark
“Reconfigured Remembrances, Susannah’s Ark (2017) sees protagonist Susannah awake with amnesia to find that the only thing she can remember is her name. Susannah soon discovers that she can somehow unlock her memory, which is contained within the molecules of her tears. She sets sail in an ark in search of her missing memories and due to her extraordinary ability – is able to listen to the ocean’s mixed messages – accumulated over eons. Placing the past, present and futures in dialogue with each other, Goliath explores notions of consciousness, memory and time. To create this multifaceted video experience, the artist has appropriated archival footage of an exhibition in search of Noah’s Ark (1947) and a 1950s advertisement for Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages (a metaphor for the countless wounds inflicted during the proposed epoch of the Anthropocene), alongside original collages, her own singing, and a short extract from the film Noah. (2014)” - Sarah Holdaway (curator for the exhibition False Memories in 2020)
Memory 2: Water Storage
A microscopic image of the pollutant microbead is present throughout​​​​​​​
Installation shot, 2017
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