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INTERLINK 1. To join or connect (two or more things) together. 

AGBA INTERLINK connects cities & towns together. 
AGBA INTERLINK connects different generations together.
AGBA INTERLINK connects different art mediums together. 
AGBA INTERLINK connects different themes together. 
AGBA INTERLINK connects art & science together. 
AGBA INTERLINK connects the human & the more-than-human world together.
ABGB INTERLINK does this by producing various socially engaged projects. 

AGBA INTERLINK'S core team consists of Annie Goliath and Black Astronaut. However each project is co-created and enriched by collaborating with other artists, musicians, researchers, participants and partners. 
Annie Goliath is an interdisciplinary, award-winning artist filmmaker who has exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally. She is also an educator with many years experience of working with SEN children and a researcher currently studying a Creative and Critical practice PhD at the University of Sussex. She is the co-founder of AGBA Interlink and has been the project manager of 2 ACE funded, socially engaged art projects. She is also an artist facilitator who has delivered extensive workshops and events
Black Astronaut is a designer, animator, composer and musician who has performed extensively in South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, UK, France and Spain. He produces the sound and design elements for all the AGBA Interlink projects. He is also an educator and nurture practitioner with many years experience of working with SEN children and facilitating workshops.​​​​​​​
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