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This project involved working with children aged 5-11 to produce a children's book and 4 animation films related to caring for the environment, during an 18-month period. Five groups of children from 3 primary schools took part in literature, art, animation, sound and digital media workshops. The participating children created a storyboard, produced artwork, recorded voice-overs and foley sounds, learnt animation and other digital media skills and presented their work. This project had strong links with literature, art and design, history, music, computing, science and PSHE. 
Film 1 is based on a children's book created during this project, which imagined a day in the life of a child Alaina who travels from London to go sailing on a Hastings fishermen's boat with her grandfather and later has extraordinary dreams about it. The children also learned about the sustainable Hastings Fishing Fleet and the environment. Film 2 is an adapted version of the book "The Watcher: Jane Goodall's Life with the Chimps", which traces Jane Goodall's life from her childhood in the UK to her years studying chimpanzees in Tanzania and her environmental activism. The children learned about this inspirational, female role model and caring for nature. Film 3 is an adapted version of the book "10 Things I Can Do to Help my World", providing practical ideas about how to care for the environment. Film 4 is an adapted version of the book "Follow the Moon Home: A Tale of One Idea, Twenty Kids and a Hundred Sea Turtles", which is about a child who moves to the seaside and helps bring together a community to save the sea turtles of the South Carolina coast. The children learned about how young people can make a difference through determination and teamwork. The project also worked in partnership with local artists, musicians, the Hastings Fishermen's Museum, Project Artworks and Arts Award. Each participating child received an Arts Award certificate. 

The project culminated in a local screening with the participating children and their parents/carers and educators at the Electric Palace Cinema. It was a wonderful evening in which the children’s incredible hard work and creative skills and the important stories of each of the films were celebrated together. ​​​​​​​
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