Attempts to Devour Time 
Moving Image piece, 2018
6 minutes, 47 seconds
Performance by: Annie Goliath
Drumming and Sound Design: Black Astronaut
In this moving image piece, a reinterpretation of the Billows Feeding Machine scene from Charlie Chaplin's movie Modern Times (1936) – which reflected upon exploitative labour practices as a male, factory worker is force fed his lunch to maximise profit – is juxtaposed against problematic aspects of female affective and reproductive labour in the past and present. Part 1 also addresses the challenges of automation in the past relevant due to the unprecedented wave of automation and its effects on human labour currently and in the future. Part 2 focuses more on the politics of the female body in relation to exploitative labour practices and commodity fetishism within the hyper-consumerist, digital age. 
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